Desired in Leadership

  •  Clarity – goals – direction – certainty.

Use these tools:  Conversation FrameworkMeeting FrameworkRecap Transition

  • Accessible or reachable of the leader.

Frequently drop by (virtual of physical). Use these tools: Powerful Questions, Private Conversations

  • Trust. 

Use these tools: Listening LevelsConversation Framework, Powerful Questions

  • Empowerment. Confidence, Having influence, Trust to perform

Use these tools: Listening LevelsGet Feedback, Give Ownership

  • Evaluation and feedback. 

Use these tools  listed in Self Assessment

  • Listening, being heard, knowing one has value.

Use these tools: Listening LevelsSilence and Pause

  • Empathy. 

Use these tools: Powerful QuestionsPower of Perspective, Private Conversations

  • Growth and Fulfillment.
  • Consistency.
  • Seek feedback.

Use these tools:  Get Feedback

See: The Leadership Framework