Innovate and deliver results.


Advance Care Alliance and partners: Developed the vision, architecture, and delivered a NIST 800-53 and HIPAA compliant cloud-only infrastructure for three healthcare organizations using a zero-trust approach with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 frameworks.
Guide a partnership between the three NY state organizations that represent over 50% of the related market.
Consulted a cohort CIOs of NY human services organizations on their IT strategies.

The Arc: Created innovative collaboration between IT teams of several healthcare organizations to form one team, one infrastructure, one approach, increasing know-how and services such as internal social networking. Combined teams from three organizations to become one group, encouraging each other to grow and innovate. Created a shared private cloud and regularly demonstrated disaster readiness. Moved LAN, WAN, Internet, Business Intelligence, Information Rights Management, Electronic Health Records and email protection services to the cloud.
Thanks to good security and disaster readiness practices, recovered from a Ransomware attack with only a few hours downtime and zero data loss nor payout.
Selected innovative solutions such as Ejenta (Artificial Intelligence in healthcare trial), Soha (universal secure access, later bought by Akamai), Zscaler (deep Internet security), Meraki (software defined WAN and LAN), MimeCast (email security) and more.

Flanders Language Valley: In less than a year, created strategic partnerships with Cisco and Microsoft to build a state of the art IT infrastructure for 26 buildings including a Voice over IP showcase and an early iteration of a Microsoft private cloud. This provided fully supported application, storage, communication, network, backup and Internet services to 30 different companies in a fully meshed fault tolerant secure setup.  Got Cisco to invest technology and $3M.

European Space Agency (ESA): In one year, completely redesigned the LAN infrastructure for the ESA research campus and designed an improved protection of the ESA networks. Hired ethical hackers to find weaknesses and address them.

United Nations: Built all IT services, infrastructure and software solutions for a new department that was created to take care of the victims of the first Gulf war.

Sailing: Sailing has been a passion of mine since I was fourteen. It has taught me a lot about teamwork and about commitment to results. When we were hit by a major storm during a race (Transat de Alizés) in 1995 only two of of the six crew on our boat still dared to steer. I was one of them. That race ultimately cost the life of 10 persons and many boats were lost. Getting everyone on our boat safe, as a team was a life lesson.